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Our Spring Box Top Week collected $905.36 for Daves Creek.  

Want to get involved when you are strapped for time?

Clip and save your Box Tops.  When you go to the store, buy items with the box top logo on it.  When you are all done, clip them before your trash them and earn money for Daves Creek.  We collect Box Tops all year long in a box at the front office.  Twice a year, we have Box Top Week in which the grade with the most collections, wins a class prize!  It's easy and fun... just make sure they are not expired.

We also collect and submit Dollars for Education too!

So start clipping!!!

Click here to see which of your favorite brands to choose on your next shopping visit!


 We raised $1726.00 in the Fall of this year.  Way to Go, Clippers!!!


we are still looking for a chair for this committee and if you are interested please contact Laurie Shefrin at laurie.shef@gmail.com.


If you have any questions regarding Box Tops, please contact dcesptacommunication@gmail.com.