Reflections Art Contest

Reflections is a National PTA sponsored arts recognition program that encourages artistic expression. 

Use the arts to share your personal Reflections on this year’s theme: 


I Matter Because...

Submissions are due by October 8/October 9.


Experienced Judges will review your work for interpretation of theme, creativity and technique. We look forward to celebrating your artistry and achievement in the arts!


Follow the steps below to submit your entries :


Step 1: Review the submission rules and categories. Please review the Rules document in the Drop box folder link below.

Step 2:Print and Fill up the ‘Entry Form’ (Incomplete entries will not be accepted). Entry Form is in drop Box link below.

Step 3: You can submit Artwork in multiple categories. An Entry Form should accompany each separate submission.

Step 4: Submit the Students Entry Form attached to the Artwork in the Car Pool lane on Oct 8th or Oct 9th between 8 AM and 9 AM.Students coming to school can drop off the Artwork on the same day/time in the Front office. Any entry submitted after this date will not be accepted.



This contact allows students to use their imagination to create a film, song, artwork, photograph, poem, short story or dance routine. You may enter once in as many categories as you like. Each entry must be accompanied by an official entry form. Be sure to reflect the theme in your work.

2019-2020 Georgia State Winners at DCES

Literature - Eshwar Gangineni - Kindergarten

Music - Valery Duff - Kindergarten

Film - Sophia Dhaliwal - Kindergarten

Film - Ishani Sharma - 5th Grade


2019-2020 Daves Creek Elementary School Winners

Dance Choreography:

Kindergarten 1st Arnavi Sai Katta
1st Grade 1st Ananya Samtani
1st Grade 2nd Sienna Christiansen
3rd Grade 1st Yodh Ravulapati
3rd Grade 2nd Mason Christiansen
4th Grade 1st Parker Christiansen


Film Production:

Kindergarten 1st Sophia Dhaliwal
Kindergarten 2nd Arnavi Sai Katta
2nd Grade 1st Ava Dhaliwal
2nd Grade 2nd Mukund Sharma
3rd Grade 1st Siddharth Kare
4th Grade 1st Diya Malhotra
5th Grade 1st Ishani Sharma
5th Grade 2nd Akshata Joshi
5th Grade 3rd Shriyan Sai Katta



Kindergarten 1st Eshwar Gangineni
Kindergarten 2nd Sriram Purohit
1st Grade 1st Pravara Nagaraju
2nd Grade 1st Aarush Jakkilinki
2nd Grade 2nd Tattva Patel
2nd Grade 3rd Srithika Bellupsrikar
3rd Grade 1st Ahana Baderdinni
3rd Grade 2nd Anika Koppaka
3rd Grade 2nd Suchitra Nirmalkumar
3rd Grade 3rd Christabel Quijano
3rd Grade 3rd Eshaan Sethuram
4th Grade 1st Naman Rohit
4th Grade 2nd Sindhuja Nifadkar
4th Grade 3rd Riya Komma
5th Grade 1st Hanssini Premkumar
5th Grade 1st Sarika Jarugumilli
5th Grade 2nd Shriyan Sai Katta
5th Grade 3rd Shreeya Aravind

Music Composition:


Kindergarten 1st Valery Duff
3rd Grade 1st Aditya Samtani
3rd Grade 2nd Vishal Alaparthi
3rd Grade 3rd Dylan Patel
4th GRade 1st Nayan Rohit
5th Grade 1st Shreeya Aravind
5th Grade 2nd Abhay Kumar Prashanth
5th Grade 3rd Shriyan Sai Katta



Kindergarten 1st Sophia Dhaliwal
Kindergarten 2nd Eshwar Gangineni
Kindergarten 3rd Arnavi Sai Katta
1st Grade 1st Aarna Agarwal
2nd Grade 1st Tanush Gujjula
2nd Grade 2nd Aarush Jakkilinki
2nd Grade 3rd Vivaan Kulla
3rd Grade 1st Anika Koppaka
3rd Grade 2nd Neha Pise
3rd Grade 3rd Srijan Kankipati
4th Grade 1st Kuhu Barole
4th Grade 2nd Tiya Sadish
4th Grade 3rd Ojas Deshpande
5th Grade 1st Abhay Kumar Prashanth
5th Grade 2nd Shriyan Sai Katta


Visual Arts:

Kindergarten 1st Neal Sadish
Kindergarten 2nd Sameeksh Mithun
Kindergarten 3rd Srihitha Mutyala
1st Grade 1st Ananya Samtani
1st Grade 1st Zuie Mahajan
1st Grade 2nd Nidhi Ganesh Kanbargi
1st Grade 3rd Tanisi Majumdar
2nd Grade 1st Aadhya Thipparthi
2nd Grade 2nd Navya Kovi
2nd Grade 2nd Ava Song
2nd Grade 3rd Sree Tanvee Kudupudi
3rd Grade 1st Sahasra Chennady
3rd Grade 2nd Shivani Saraf
3rd Grade 2nd Ishaan Gundawar
3rd Grade 2nd Anika Koppaka
3rd Grade 3rd Ahana Baderdinni
4th Grade 1st Sindhuja Nifadkar
4th Grade 2nd Ojas Deshpande
4th Grade 3rd Abhiram Vellanki
5th Grade 1st Ayati Yadav
5th Grade 1st Kavya Manivannan
5th Grade 2nd Sarika Jarugumilli
5th Grade 3rd Sarah Verma


We are so proud of our Daves Creek Dolphins achievements!  These winners' submissions have been submitted to the next level of competition. 


If you have any questions, please contact Shyla Prashanth at

For more information, go to and rules go to


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