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SUBJECT: DCES May Newsletter


School is out for our students May 25th.  Isn't that crazy?? Feels like we were just picking out new backpacks and meeting the teacher in August!!  the Daves Creek PTA wishes you an amazing summer filled with adventure!!

Our Yearbook volunteers produce an amazing product for our kids and families to hold onto memories lifelong.  All year we've been talking about where to buy them, when to buy them.... and now let's talk about distribution!!  

Yearbook distribution will begin the week of May 8th, starting with our 5th Grade students.  If you are a PTA Spirit Member OR you ordered a yearbook at any point during the school year, it will be delivered to your oldest child's classroom.  5th grade teachers hand out pre-ordered yearbooks to 5th grade students on Monday, May 8th.  K - 4th grade teachers hand out pre-ordered yearbooks to K - 4th grade students Wednesday, May 10th.

If you didn't purchase a yearbook, but would like to buy one, we have a limited number of yearbooks available for sale at $60.00/yearbook. Yearbooks are no longer available for purchase on-line at www.balfour.com.  5th grade ONLY will be able to purchase yearbooks, while they last, on Tuesday, May 9 from 7:45 to 8:30am at the cafeteria entrance.  K - 5th grade will have access to the available yearbooks on a first come, first serve basis on Wednesday, May 10 to Friday, May 12 from 7:45 to 8:30 am at the cafeteria entrance. ***Please send in CASH OR CHECK (payable to: DCES PTAwith your student to purchase a book. Yearbook sales will take place at the cafeteria entrance***


Q: I bought a yearbook, but my child did not receive one?

A: If you purchased a yearbook on www.Balfour.com, please locate your email receipt and send an email to dcesyearbookpta@gmail.com, attaching a copy of your email receipt. Let us know your student did not receive the book.  If you purchased a Spirit Membership and did not receive a yearbook, please send us an email at the above noted email. A Yearbook Committee Member / the PTA President will follow up on your email.

Q: My child was in a club during the year, but I don’t see his/her Club photo captured in the yearbook?

A: Only clubs sponsored by DCES teachers are included in the yearbook. DCES does not include clubs run by third party companies, this includes Chess, Challenge Island, Golf/Tennis, etc. 

Q: My child was a Voyager of the Month this year, but his/her picture isn’t included. My child’s class went on a field trip, but those pictures weren’t captured either. What happened?

A: The events may likely have occurred after our school yearbook deadline, so these events could not be included in the book.

Chair Positions

We need YOU!!  The PTA helps organize several events during the year.  Have you ever attended an event and wanted to have input?  Do you want to be directly involved in making sure your child and family have the best memories to reflect on?

Benefits of volunteering for one of these committees:

  • Ticket sales and promotional materials are done through our website so you will not be directly responsible 
  • All the events are held by PTA for many years and well documented with each step. You wont be starting from scratch and you WILL have help from the PTA Board. 
  • All contracts will be signed by a Board member and most vendor contacts have already been
  • PTA board members are assigned to each event will guide the chairs and provide any support required.
  • And of course, being part of a wonderful community to make our school great! 

Please click here to be directed to some of the amazing positions that are just waiting for YOU!!

Field Day is Coming!!

Field Day for all grades will be from May 15th to May 17th.  Please see your teacher or room parent for more specific details for your student.

Parents are welcome!!  This is always a great day to get a little silly with the teachers and kids your student has gotten to know all year.

Your PTA is already looking ahead to the fall!!  We will start our School Supply Kits sale for the academic year 2023-2024 in the next few weeks. More information to follow!!

Upcoming Events
Monday, May 8
Yearbook Distribution - 5th Grade Pre-ordered Books
Tuesday, May 9
7:45a Yearbook Sales - 5th Grade Only
Wednesday, May 10
Yearbook Distribution - K to 4th Grade, Pre-ordered Books
7:45a Yearbook Sales - K to 5th Grade (First Come, First Serve)
Thursday, May 11
12:00a Yearbook Sales - K to 5th Grade (First Come, First Serve)
Friday, May 12
12:00a Yearbook Sales - K to 5th Grade (First Come, First Serve)
Monday, May 15
Field Day across all grades
Tuesday, May 16
Field Day across all grades
Wednesday, May 17
Field Day across all grades
Thursday, May 25
Last Day of School!
Thank You Sponsors

Please join us in thanking our 2022-2023 Sponsors. When you visit their business please be sure to let them know you are with DAVES CREEK PTA!

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