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SUBJECT: DCES April Newsletter


Our school yearbook is at the printers! Thank you to everyone who submitted photos during the year.  

IF your child (5th Grade only) submitted artwork for the Yearbook Cover Contest, his/her artwork has been returned to their homeroom teachers. The Top 10 cover winners will be announced before distribution. We expect our yearbooks sometime in May 2024.

If you are planning on purchasing a yearbook for your child and haven't done so, we highly encourage you to purchase it sooner than later.  Our 5th Grade students will have first priority to buy at distribution, but we will only have a limited number of books available for sale and it will be on a first come, first serve basis. 

Yearbooks can only be purchased through 4/15 online:

1. Go to www.yearbookordercenter.com 

2. Enter School Code 25704 or search for Daves Creek Elementary School.

Have a yearbook question? Please email: dcesyearbookpta@gmail.com

You may always find the latest on all things yearbook, HERE.

The PTA is SO PROUD to announce the Georgia state winners from Daves Creek:

Please join us in congratulating

Ayaan Modi - Literature

Anika Gaikwad - Literature

March Father Daughter Night

Ce fut une soirée mémorable!

I had the privilege of helping at our Father Daughter Dance, and I was blown away by the grace and charm of our ladies (and the dads cleaned up nicely, too!!).  

Whether you helped create an updo, squeezed into a suit, or served delicious food.... thank you, on behalf of the Daves Creek daughters!!  There were many beautiful smiles, twirly gowns, and Taylor Swift sing a longs!!

And, we can't thank our gorgeous, amazing volunteers enough...

Chalk The Walk: Sunday, April 14th, 2pm to 4pm

Bring your thankful kids out to decorate the parking lot for our staff and teachers. Imagine teachers and staff rolling in on Monday to see some kid-created art in their parking spot!!  Please go here to sign up (we're bringing snacks and want to have enough!!)

Parents Potluck: Monday, April 15th

We need you to bring in your best recipe and show up to serve these amazing people that care for our kids every day!!  Please go here to sign up for a dish/supply to pass and here to come volunteer. 


Thank You Cards: Tuesday, April 16th

This is our kids' chance to put it in writing!!  Please work with your child to create a thank you note for their teacher(s) and also an adopted staff member (we don't want to miss the amazing staff that aren't specifically staff).  Please see here for a list of "adopted" staff members.  If you'd like to play mailperson and deliver some smiles, please click here.

Snack Cart: Wednesday, April 17th

All that teaching and talking all day works up an appetite!!! Sign up here to help deliver some treats!

Gift Card Day: Thursday, April 18th

We want Daves Creek staff and teachers to treat themselves!!  Remember, we don't want to leave out any of our amazing staff, so please check here for your adopted staff member to include.  Please see here for the individual favorites list.

PTA-Catered Lunch: Friday, April 19th 

Your PTA will be serving our staff a tasty lunch to end the week. Please click here to come help us serve!

PTA Elections, 4:45 pm

Come to see the fine arts, stay for the PTA elections!  Swing by the cafeteria at 4:45 pm to meet and vote for the PTA leaders for the next school year.

Check out board descriptions here.  

Upcoming Events
Monday, April 1
Spring break
Tuesday, April 2
Spring break
Wednesday, April 3
Spring break
Thursday, April 4
Spring break
Friday, April 5
Spring break
Sunday, April 14
2:00p Staff Appreciation: Chalk the Walk
Monday, April 15
Staff Appreciation: Parent Potluck
Tuesday, April 16
Staff Appreciation: Thank You Cards
Wednesday, April 17
Staff Appreciation: Snack Cart
5:30p Family Connect County Spirit Night
Thursday, April 18
Staff Appreciation: Gift Card Day
Friday, April 19
Staff Appreciation: PTA-Catered Lunch
Tuesday, April 23
4:30p Fine Arts Night/PTA General Meeting/Kinder Performance/KONA Ice
Friday, April 26
10:00a PTA Board Meeting - Budget/Calendar

Please join us in thanking our 2022-2023 Partners in Education. When you visit their business please be sure to let them know you are with DAVES CREEK PTA!

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