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SUBJECT: DCES April Newsletter


April showers bring..... May flowers!!  Year end is swiftly approaching.  The PTA hopes your family had this week to rest, de-stress, and enjoy the sun with your students!  We look forward to seeing the kids again on April 10!!

Yearbook Update

Buy your yearbook online at www.balfour.com. Yearbooks are $58/book. Get yours today! 

When do I get my yearbook? 

Yearbook distribution is expected to be in May. 

Yearbook Cover Submissions - Update

All 5th Grade yearbook cover entries have been returned.  Our cover contest winners will be announced prior to yearbook distribution. Thank you for the huge turnout in entries, Daves Creek Dolphins never disappoint!

Board Positions

Many of our board members children are graduating from Daves Creek opening up multiple board positions.  Our successful PTA relies on volunteers like you! The open positions are listed below. 

Please reach out to Vanitha Kowdeed before 4/15/23. The positions require no prior experience, just a desire to help our school succeed.  We need more participation and appreciate all your help.

PTA President

PTA Vice-President of Communications

PTA Treasurer

Board Descriptions can be found on our website HERE.

April 10th/Monday

Breakfast & Coffee for DCES Staff by PTA

    PTA will be hosting breakfast and coffee for all the staff members. 

April 11th/Tuesday

Teachers Favorites / Cards

    Students can bring personalized messages for the teachers and the adopted staff members. Find your teacher favorites here!  Adopted staff found here.

April 12th/Wednesday

Parent Potluck

Parents may bring food for our staff in the multipurpose room. 

   Please sign up here to bring some food.

   We will need volunteers to set up, please sign up here

April 13th/Thursday

Gift Card Day 

    Kids are welcome to give Gift Cards for their staff (favorites are here) and their adopted staff member (found here).

April 14th- Friday

Supplies At Your Door

Kids are invited to bring any classroom supplies needed by your teacher and the adopted staff (found here).

Look for Kona Ice at the Fine Arts Night!!

Upcoming Events
Friday, April 7
Spring Break - no school
Monday, April 10
Staff Appreciation - Breakfast & Coffee for DCES Staff by PTA
Tuesday, April 11
Staff Appreciation - Teacher favorites/cards
Wednesday, April 12
Staff Appreciation - Parent Potluck
Thursday, April 13
Staff Appreciation - Gift Card Day
Friday, April 14
Staff Appreciation - Supplies at the Door
Tuesday, April 25
4:30p Fine Arts Night - Last name A-L
6:00p Fine Arts Night - Last name M-Z
Thank You Sponsors

Please join us in thanking our 2022-2023 Sponsors. When you visit their business please be sure to let them know you are with DAVES CREEK PTA!

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