Math Superstars


Starting January 2021


PTA would like to invite your child to participate in this wonderful mathematics and problem-solving enrichment program. This is a voluntary program that helps your child take steps to becoming an independent learner and a problem solver. Every child from K to 5th grade will have the opportunity to participate by simply completing a weekly, one-page math worksheet provided by their teacher via email each Friday. Your child will have a week to print the worksheet, complete it and turn it in to his or her teacher. 


The program will begin middle of January  and run for 10 weeks, ending in March.  Students who complete all 10 weeks of worksheets will earn a small reward.  More information will be provided through your teacher as we get closer to the start of the program. We can’t wait to get started! 


There will be easy problems and harder problems on each worksheet and you will earn more "stars" for the harder problems.  Don't worry if you cannot complete all of the problems, just do what you can.  Your student must do the thinking for each problem on their own!! Parents or teachers can help read the problems or they can show you how to us a compass or protractor, for example.


You will earn small rewards  for participating in the program.  These will be given after the completion of worksheets.


Don't forget to turn your worksheets in one time to be eligible for credit.  Also, be sure to always put your first and last name on the worksheets to be sure you get credit for your effort!  Good luck!



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If you have any questions regarding Math Superstars, please contact Padmaja Yamujala at 

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